we work closely with our partners to transform customer & business objectives into profitable products & experiences

We work together to define your business, market, intentions and objectives. We then clarify your general business plan by designing, developing and testing prototypes with your customers to guarantee a strategic placement of your business in the market. Once validated, we create outcomes that increase brand awareness, boost sales and customer engagement.

A visual that demonstrates a circular iterative process that goes from define, which is symbolized as a document, to clarify, which is symbolized as a geometric alignment, through creation which is symbolized as a nucleus.
  • A document symbol

    01/ Define

    We sit down to define the general plan of action.

    Together, we will define a strategic plan that describes products & experiences that match your business and objectives to your market and the needs of your customers.

  • A circle, triangle, square, pentagon and diamond aligned geometrically.

    02/ Clarify

    We validate concepts, objectives and key results through prototyping and user testing.

    We apply agile methodologies that transform a definition into a tangible prototype that can be placed in the customers hands. We then observe their behavior and interview them to clarify whether our strategic plan aligns with the desired outcome.

  • A nucleus symbol.

    03/ Create

    Design, engineer & launch tried and tested products.

    We create production-scale products, services & experiences that are fine-tuned with a demonstrated product market fit that meet business goals & customer expectations.

Our process has produced outcomes that include

We can work together in the following ways

  • One of three Candid advertisements.

    01/ Concept Creation

    The ability to provide superior value to customers is fundamental to a successful business but identifying the right solution is challenging. Extensively explore possibilities that meet your objectives and key results before narrowing down on your ideal selection.

  • An individual meditating over a Solace lamp which changes its brightness to match an individuals breath.

    02/ Prototyping & Testing

    Concepts that have been widely researched, prototyped, tested and validated guarantee success when going to market.

  • The Apple Watch Nike+ as presented in September 2016.

    03/ Product Demo

    A demonstration is worth a thousand presentations. Win over and engage with investors, customers and members of the press through a product demo that tells your story without feature complete, production scale costs.

  • The Queens Center M·A·C Costmetic's store where the M·A·C Innovation Lab lives.

    04/ Go to Market

    Holistic design & development of products and experiences that connect with your customer and meet your business needs.

  • A series of screens that represent a suite of iOS iPad and iPhone applications intended to help Apple Store Employee's understand the details behind Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro 3 headphones.

    05/ Optimize & Expand

    Learn, fine-tune and build-on from your existing products and experiences to achieve desired outcomes and objectives.

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