What can I use the App Store Server API for?

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Apple's App Store Server API augments a business's understanding of their customers and enables businesses to provide best in class customer support.

Get individual transactions or a customers entire purchase history

Apple's App Store Server API can be used to get individual customer transactions or their entire purchase history (i.e. Transaction History).

In the case of the transaction history, a business will receive 20 transactions at a time and must make multiple calls until the entire transaction history has been gathered.

This feature is helps businesses analyze customer behaviors, recognize and reward loyal customers, and understand how effective their app strategy is.

Consumption Information

In the event of a refund request, Apple's App Store Server API can be used to contribute information to Apple to help a business win fraudulent refund requests.

To learn more about how refunds work, consult our guide on refunds below.

Look Up an Order ID

Apple's App Store Server API can be used to retrieve a transaction from the App Store using an Order ID.

This feature enables businesses to create a system that provides best-in-class customer support.

Refund Lookup

Apple's App Store Server API can be used to lookup refunds for a customer.

Each API response contains 20 refunded transactions and businesses must make multiple API calls until they have gathered a customers entire refund history.

These responses comes back as a JSON Web Signature (JWS) Transaction and help customer support understand a customers history.

Get Subscription Statuses

Apple's App Store Server API can be used to gather the history of a customers Auto-Renewable Subscriptions on an app.

This feature is useful as it helps businesses understand how a subscription is performing for a customer.

Extend Subscription Renewal Dates

Apple's App Store Server API can be used to extend subscription renewal dates.

This feature enables businesses to comfort or win back customers by extending their access to a subscription.


App Store Server API includes App Store Server Notifications that give businesses real-time updates on e-commerce transactions relating to In-App Purchases and Subscriptions on their app.

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