What are Apple App Store Consumable In-App Purchases?

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Consumables are In‑App Purchases that can be purchased an unlimited amount of times.

Consumables tend to be single use, don't have value past their lifetime and are frequently offered in apps and games that use a freemium business model.

Consumables can either be:

  • Exclusively available to certain people.
  • Exclusively available by paying for them.
  • Available for public purchase but can be earned after being active in an app for a long time.

This could be seen as:

  • You could make your own bread with flower and water but it would take more time than if you just bought it.
  • You can't attend the MET Gala, FIFA World Cup or the World Economic Forum without being invited or buying a ticket and in the event of the World Economic Forum, both.

How do I create Consumable In-App Purchases?

Follow our guide below to learn how to create Consumable In-App Purchases.

In order to receive, measure and analyze or take action on events outside your app related to Consumable In-App Purchase; or to engage with a customer when they buy or lose access to a Consumable In-App Purchases due to a refund, you must create an App Store Server Notifications (ASSNs) system.

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