What are Apple App Store Subscription Groups?

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Subscription Groups hold multiple auto-renewable subscriptions, that allow customers to upgrade or downgrade depending on their desired level of service.

Subscription groups allow you to create a tiered subscription scheme that grant higher or lower level of service to customers at different prices. The highest level of service is 1, with lower levels of service being described by a smaller number (i.e. 2 is less than 1 but more than 3).

Multiple auto-renewable subscriptions can carry the same level of service, which might be employed if you wish to offer subscriptions that enable Family Sharing - granting access to an Apple Family at a higher rate.

How do I get informed of upgrade or downgrade events?

In order to receive, measure and analyze or take action on events outside your app related to upgrade or downgrade events, or to communicate with a customer regarding these actions,

you must create an App Store Server Notifications (ASSNs) system.

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