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Oscar de la Hera Gomez
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Presenting the Artzy Open Source Camera

If there is one thing that the last 5 years of creativity have taught me is that only 5% of ‘the work’ will ever see the light of day — so why not give it away to help accelerate someone else’s hopes and dreams? What’s more is, if you believe in a vision — is it not more important to help the world achieve that vision, than achieve it yourself?.

An augmented reality, 3 dimensional word that spells 'Local' in neon blue with with a neon red halo above it.

Sample One

With these words in mind, I would like to share that I have open sourced my last 6 months worth of work in the form of an ARKit Super-Starter project that features an AR camera that works exactly the same way as Instagram; 3 AR samples, a library of free metal shaders and special effects, illustrator and maya files along with tutorials (or emails) for all the questions that you may have.

An augmented reality, 3 dimensional word that spells 'Ar' in neon pink.

Sample Two

The vision in question, which is titled Artzy, allows anyone to create AR code free, in real time through a connected-ecosystem and share it with the world with the flick of a finger.

An augmented reality, 3 dimensional hand moving to make a peace sign.


Because I believe in a future where the imagination of artists and designers is ubiquitous, bringing inspiration, joy and awe to those who bear witness in a form that can be easily accessed through a device in your pocket. And if it is extremely likely that I will be beaten to the target, then I might as well accelerate the passage.

If you are interested in being part of the pilot or downloading the open source camera, please use the link below.

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