How to suspend or delete users in Craft CMS

Oscar de la Hera Gomez
A flower that represents Craft CMS with the text "Suspend or Delete Users" beneath it.

A step by step guide on suspending or removing users in Craft CMS.

Step One: Access the Users tab

A screenshot of Craft CMS Pro, with a highlight on the Users tab on the left menu side bar.

Select Users from the left menu side bar.

Step Two: Select the Users

A screenshot of the Users page in Craft CMS with a highlight on the check boxes, showing that we have selected two users.

Using the checkbox's next to the User's names, select the users you wish to suspend or delete.

Step Three: Suspend or Delete

A screenshot of Craft CMS showing that if you press the gear icon on the bottom right, a modal will appear allowing you to Suspend or Delete users.

Press the Gear on the bottom right and in the modal that appears, select Suspend or Delete.

If you Suspend the user, their circle will appear red add this is the end of the tutorial.

If you delete them, please continue to the next step.

Step Five: Transfer or Delete Content (Delete Only)

A screenshot of the modal that appears when you choose to delete users. You can either delete users content or transfer it to another user. Once complete you can press the button on the bottom right of the modal for the changes to take effect.

A modal will appear, asking you whether you want to transfer or delete their content.

Make your selection and then press Delete users and content to complete this deleting the user.

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