How to disable a conversion in GA4

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A step by step tutorial on removing, disabling or deleting a conversion from your GA4 property.

If you have yet to upgrade to GA4, we recommend you use our step by step tutorial available in the button below before proceeding.

Step One: Navigate to your GA4 property

A screenshot of delasign's GA4 property

Go to and navigate to your Google Analytics 4 Property.

Step Two: Select Admin from the menu

Admin can be found on the bottom right, on the sidebar menu of your GA4 property.

Select Admin from the bottom of the menu on the left hand side.

Step Three: Select Conversions

Conversions can be found center of the screen on a laptop, under the GA4 property section within the admin panel.

Select Conversions in the admin page for your GA4 property.

Step Four: Disable Conversion

Next to each conversion on the Conversions page within the admin section of your GA4 property are flip switches. These flip switches fall under a label called "Mark as Conversion." If you press these flip switch they will disable the conversion, which is the equivalent of removing or deleting a conversion.

Select the flip switch next to the conversion you wish to disable, remove or delete.

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