How to fix the Facebook Debugger 404 cannot fetch pages created with GatsbyJS

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This issue is caused by a "/*" canonical and is fixed by placing the path variable in the context of your gatsby-node script & using it to form the url in the react-helmet.

The problem with the Facebook Debugger producing a 404 for pages created with GatsbyJS arises if it cannot fetch data for the page and can occur if the page canonical or og:url that it reads is "/*".

This occurs as Gatsby will produce a "/*" for paths at build time. This can be seen if you just a console.log and run yarn build or if you make a CURL GET request to a URL using postman and inspect the canonical and og:url.


To solve this issue, pass the path variable within the page context in the create pages function of your gatsby-node.js, and use that variable to define the canonical url and og:url.

This solution is available in the sample code below:

This context must be used in tandem with a meta tag similar to the one below, within the react helmet of your page.

Don't forget to replace with your domain's url.

<meta property="og:url" content={"" + context.path } />

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