How to create a post build script that uses GraphQL with GatsbyJS

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A flower that represents GatsbyJS next to one that represents GraphQL. Beneath it sits the text "GraphQL Post Build Script."

A step by step tutorial on writing a custom Post Build script that uses GraphQL API calls with GatsbyJS.

Step One: Setup the project

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Create a GatsbyJS project that includes a gatsby-node.js script.

To download our Open Source Typescript & GatsbyJS starter project, please use the code or link below.

git clone

Step Two: Add the GraphQL Post Build Script

A screenshot of VSCode showing the Gatsby-node.js file selected and the script provided below at the bottom of the file.

In the gatsby-node.js file add the post build script at the bottom of the file, adding the GraphQL parameter to the function.

We have provided a sample below, please replace A_GRAPHQL_QUERY with your GraphQL query.

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