How to get the URL of a deployed Vercel project

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A flower that represents Vercel with the text "URL” beneath it.

A step by step guide for gathering the URL for an app deployed on Vercel.

Step One: Access the Project

A screenshot of Vercel showing the page that appears after you login. Highlighted is the tile from the deployment of our open source project.

Login to Vercel and click on the tile for the project for which you wish to gather the URL.

To learn how to create a Vercel account or deploy a project, consult the link below.

Step Two: Copy the URL

A screenshot of a Vercel project page. Highlighted is the link found under "domains."

How to copy the production URL

Navigate to branch for the stage or environment (i.e. production, staging or dev) that you wish to copy the link to.

If you are looking for the production URL, copy the URL that is found under domains.

A screenshot of Vercel showing a project page. Highlighted is the pop up that appears on an active branch after you click the menu button that has three dots. In this pop up you can copy the URL of the branch by clicking "Copy Branch URL."

How to copy the URL of an active branch

If you are looking for the URL of a branch, click the menu button and in the pop up that appears click Copy Branch URL.

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