Examples of Introductory Offers

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A mosaic showing the NBA League Pass and the NYTimes.

Examples of Introductory Offers out in the market.

There are two types of introductory offer that can be used: a discounted price for a period of time or a free trial; after which the customer will be billed at the regular price at a monthly or yearly rate.

Discounted price for a period of time

The New York Times.

NYTimes offers you an introductory offer of $5/month or $50/year for the first year and then $25/month and $325/year after that.

Verizon offers customers a 3 year guarantee of $25/line for four lines when they switch from another provider. After those 3 years, the price resets to the standard rate.

Free Trial

NBA League Pass.

Streaming platforms like the NBA League Pass, FuboTV or Netflix offers you a free trial that lasts a week to a month and then charges you the standard price on a monthly basis.

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