How to add colored labels to tickets in JIRA

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Colored labels can be applied to issues in JIRA through Epics.

Step One: Select Roadmap

On the JIRA project page, at the top of the left menu side bar there is a Roadmap button. Press it and continue to the next step.

On the Jira project that you wish to apply colored labels to, select Roadmap from the left menu sidebar.

Step Two: Create an Epic

On the JIRA Roadmap screen, if an epic does not exist, the system will default to creating a new Epic (label). You can type in the name you desire and press the Enter key.

When you navigate to the Roadmap page, depending on whether you have an existing epic or not, it will default to creating an epic or show you the existing epics respectively.

If you do not have an Epic (label), type in your Epic (label) name and press enter.

If you wish to create a new epic, select + Create Epic to create a new epic.

On the JIRA Roadmap screen, if you want to create a new epic, you can press the "+ Create Epic" button that is found below the epics that already exist.

Step Three: Select the Epic

On the Roadmap JIRA screen, select the Epic which you wish to change the colors from. These are found on the left side of the screen.

All Epics default to a purple color, to change this color select the Epic.

Step Four: Press the Colored Square

After pressing the Epic, a modal will appear on the right side of the screen. At the top of this modal, to the left of the name of your epic, exists a colored square. Press it and move onto the next step.

In the modal that appears on the right, select the colored square next to your Epic's name (i.e. Label I).

Step Five: Set the Color

Below the colored square that you pressed in Step 4, will appear a modal with a palette of colors. Select the color you wish to apply to your epic.

A pop up will appear under the colored square that you pressed in Step Four.

Select the color that you wish to change your Epic (label) to.

If you now navigate to your Active Sprint or Board and set the Epic of a ticket (issue) you will see that the ticket now carries a colored label.

A screenshot of a JIRA board showing a colored label on a JIRA ticket (issue).

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