What is a Dynamic Templates?

Oscar de la Hera Gomez
A flower that represents Digital Craft with the text "Dynamic Templates" beneath it.

A template that creates a web page or screen via a layout which is generated by feeding content to components that can be mixed, matched and laid out in any order.

When creating a website or app that uses a headless CMS, teams and organizations can create web pages or screens through two types of templates: static templates or dynamic templates.

An example of how a dynamic template produces a dynamic webpage. On the left half you can see how a Craft CMS offers content which can be reordered and on the right you can see how that content produces the final outcome.

Our blog uses a dynamic template.

Dynamic templates do not have a fixed layout and leverage Atomic Design to produce web pages or screens which are generated using a set of components which can be selected and ordered by a curator who populates them with content to produce the final output.

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