What is a Technology System Map?

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An outline of the elements that are used across a system including how they connect together, what their use is and how they produce the desired outcome.

A technology systems map (TSM) lays out all the technological elements that are used by a system and describes what their purpose is, highlights if, how and where the elements connect as well as how they produce the desired result.

An example of a TSM is found below, which demonstrates how we use:

  • Fortrabbit to host our Headless Craft CMS.
  • Fortrabbit has a service that enables us to backup a database.
  • Craft CMS uses AWS to store and backup assets (i.e. images and videos).
  • Craft CMS connects to GatsbyJS through the GraphQL to produce a static website.
  • The GatsbyJS website uses Google Analytics as well as several other services, which are hosted on AWS.
  • The website is made available through Route53, S3 and Cloudfront (Content Delivery Network).
A diagram demonstrating the architecture behind the new delasign website that makes use of Craft CMS, Fortrabbit, GraphQL, GatsbyJS and a series of AWS services.

A technology system map of the 2021 delasign website


A Technology Systems Map (TSM) is a component of a Technology Design System and is destined to streamline communication by helping organizations understand how a system works across all points, what technologies are used and how they connect together.

Through the use of annotated lines, labels and notes on a TSM, organizations can visually describe security decisions, helping development teams identify what sits where (i.e. public or on a VPN/DMZ) and how resources are accessed.

When expanding on existing features after being separated from a project, these maps help organizations understand what already exists and what technologies are being used, enabling them to coherently add other modular components within the existing system.

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