production & operations

As an Individual you perform

At the center of the operation and collaborate with the delasign community to scope, plan, unblock and develop the product service or experience whilst guaranteeing we stay true to key performance indicators and a quality, on-budget and on-time delivery.

During your time here you might

  • Brainstorm with the delasign community and/or clients to co-create a vision for a product, service or experience.

  • Work with the delasign community on creative or technical solutions.

  • Co-create a budget and delivery timeline for projects.

  • Co-create Key Performance Indicators with the community and/or clients.

  • Plan, manage and maintain work streams via JIRA.

  • Hold meetings with the community and or clients to guarantee delivery.

  • Follow established processes, and help establish best practices.

Required Capabilities

You must be fluent in JIRA, Asana, Airtable or an equivalent and at least 1 or more the following:

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Figma

We believe your performance should determine your what you earn

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