Offer Codes (Apple)

Offer codes provide a free or discounted price for auto-renewable subscriptions for a specific duration. You can create codes for a maximum of 150,000 redemptions per app, per quarter.
There are two types of offer codes:
  • One-time-use codes: Unique, one-time-use codes generated in App Store Connect and redeemable through a redemption URL, within your app on iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2, or later (if your app supports the presentCodeRedemptionSheet method), or by entering the code in the App Store code redemption flow. These codes are useful for small-scale distribution or when code access needs to be restricted. They expire after a maximum of six months from the date they’re created.
  • Custom codes: Uniquely named custom codes — for example, SPRINGPROMO — each of which can be redeemed through a redemption URL or within your app on iOS 14.1 or iPadOS 14 or later (if your app supports the presentCodeRedemptionSheet method). You can set a maximum redemption limit and choose whether or not to set an expiration date. Custom codes are ideal for large campaigns that require mass distribution.
Customer eligibility is determined by you in App Store Connect and can include new, active, and expired users. Consider your offer’s eligibility requirements before creating and distributing offer codes.
Learn about offer types and which one to choose.
Get business guidance for auto-renewable subscriptions.

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