Beats Tempo

A series of screens that represent a suite of iOS iPad and iPhone applications intended to help Apple Store Employee's understand the details behind Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro 3 headphones.


We helped Firstborn in the design & development of a suite of applications aimed to help Apple Store Employees learn how to sell Beat’s upcoming products, the Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro 3. Tempo produced a 2.14x increase in the sales and the retail application can be found in 200 Apple Stores around the world.

Beats By Dre

In 2018, Beats approached Firstborn with a unique set of challenges: How do you sell a product that's still in development? How do you experience a product you can't yet hold or even hear? Moreover, how do you do it at scale, make it personal and reach an audience from sell-in to sales floor?

To answer this brief, Firstborn created a suite of digital tools crafted to educate Apple Employees on Beats latest innovations. Designed for learners of all types - meticulously rendered 3D models, motion graphics, and an immersive engaging narrative brought complex product features to life in an easy-to-undestand format that simulated the experience of holding and using the products while they were still in development.

In 2019, Firstborn had succesfully delivered the first iteration of the suite for Powerbeats Pro, which was available on iPad in English and invited us onboard to help them scale the suite of applications to all formats and languages.

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  • Beats Tempo: Powerbeats Pro in an Apple Store.
  • Beats Tempo: Solo Pro 3 in in an Apple Store.
  • A snapshot of the Beats Tempo experience that informs the user that they can take a call on one of two headphones, while charging the other headphone.
  • A mosiac of interfaces showing features and color options for the Solo Pro 3 and Powerbeats Pro.
  • A mosiac of interfaces showing features for the Solo Pro 3 and Powerbeats Pro.
  • A three dimensional render of a speaker.
  • A warped three dimensional render of Solo Pro 3.
  • An employee learning about the battery life of Powerbeats Pro.
  • An employee learning about the music controls of Powerbeats Pro.
  • An employee opening Powerbeats Pro using Beats Tempo's interactive swipe to open.
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