“A nation united, only football can do that” - Pepe Reina


A speculative 2022 FIFA World Cup climate resilient & reversible capsule collection intended to redirect part of the $2 billion that the sports apparel industry generates towards tackling climate change through a partnership with Materra, a climate-resilient agriculture technology company.


With a just over a year and a half to go to history's most controversial FIFA World Cup, India found itself in the midst of the pandemic. With eyes set on the world's greatest spectacle, which brings over $2 billion in revenue to Nike and Adidas in just one month, we questioned how we could marry the world's passion for football to climate action.

The result is a reversible climate resilient capsule, featuring two designs that allow you to represent a nation home and away. This jersey would be produced in India in partnership with Materra due to our desire to support climate resilient manufacture.

As part of the project we explored speculative partnerships with Museums to discover what designs could arise if countries were represented by their artists; such as a version of Samurai Blue by Yayoi Kusama.

Each of the explorations is available for try out via Apple's AR Quick Look or Google's Scene Viewer Below.

Samurai Blue, Inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

What We  

A 1974 Holland, Johan Cruijff 14 Replica

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Open this page on your phone to experience the designs in Mixed Reality via Apple's AR Quick Look and Google's Scene Viewer.

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