The Cubi container.
MFA Products of Design x The Museum of Modern Art


Inspired by the MoMA 2016 Picasso Exhibition, Cubi is a glass container that slides open allowing you to refill its interior, and remains locked via a magnet on its side.

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MoMA Design Store

Originally concepted during the 2016 SVA x MoMA Design Store Partnership, Cubi is inspired by Cubism and the guitar that pertains to the Museum of Modern Art's Picasso Exhibition.

In order to bring the container to life, we used Solidworks and Keyshot to prototype and iterate on the design before creating a video to present to the buyers.

Unfortunately, the concept was not chosen nor produced.

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A render of Cubi with its packaging.

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& Recognition


  • A front facing render of Cubi.
  • An isometric render of Cubi.
  • An render of Cubi demonstrating how it slides open.
  • An render of an exploded view of Cubi demonstrating the pieces that work together to produce the artifact.
  • A closeup of the rails in Cubi that allow for the magnetic lock.
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