MycoWorks Connected Model

A model standing next to the MycoWorks model in their Fine Mycelium™ Takes NYC event
DoubleTake Labs


We partnered with Joshua Corn of DoubleTake Labs to deliver an iOS - Arduino connected experience as part of MycoWorks Freedom of Creation, an immersive exhibit that took place in Chelsea (NYC) in March 2022.


In November 2021, MycoWorks reached out to us to see how we could help them create an interactive experience that could help tell the story of their technology.

As part of this pursuit, we worked closely with Cheryln Read of MycoWorks to co-create the connected experience and, in order to guarantee the delivery of hardware that would last forever, we partnered with Joshua Corn of DoubleTake Labs who worked closely with Lisa Gemmiti of Gemmiti Model Art to design, create & implement the technology into the model.

The model was used to present their technology to influencers and the media in March 2022 as part of MycoWorks Freedom of Creation, an immersive exhibit offering complete access to their material, technology and the incredible story behind them.

What We  

A picture of the model at the MycoWorks Fine Mycelium™ Takes NYC event



  • Our Fine Mycelium™ technology shines full transparency from inoculation to harvest.  Our experts and brand partners are able to track, monitor and work collaboratively to fine-tune the material during growth to ensure finished sheets meet the designer’s dream. Complete traceability and actionable control: the revolutionary advantages of our technology.
  • Bespoke Fine Mycelium™ sheets are harvested at their peak and then finished to the highest standards by our heritage tannery partners.  Our patented chrome-free tanning process offers designers the freedom to choose unlimited colors, patterns, and textures.
  • In a matter of weeks, finished sheets of Reishi™, our pioneer product, are ready for customers to begin creating and fabricating with Fine Mycelium™.
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