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A woman holding an iPhone that is using the Price After app. The Price After camera is pointed at a restaurant menu and on the phone prices can be shown next to the menu prices that show the prices of the food and drink after tip and tax.


Price After is a mixed reality iOS & Android app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow you to see what things cost in the US and Canada after tax and tip.


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North America is unique on planet earth as it adds sales tax to prices at checkout.

After sales tax, in places like restaurants, bars or hair salons, it is up to someones discretion to tip for the service - often 20% of the total price after the added sales tax.

This experience is confusing for students, immigrants and tourists visiting North America, who often complain about having to do the mental math to calculate the true price of something.

To solve for this problem, we created Price After - a mixed reality, AI powered application that aims to let you know the maximum amount you could end up paying for something before you check out. Simply point your camera at the price on any product or website and Price After will reveal the maximum cost.

As taxes vary wildly across the US and Canada and are subject to change, with rules and exceptions being for all different kinds of products; Price After simplifies the calculation to show you the maximum price that you might pay for any item in a given state, province or territory.

Price After also includes resources to let you learn about how sales tax works in each state, province or territory as well as a guide for tipping in North America.

The app is available in English and Spanish was launched to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in May 2023.

Price After does not track any analytics and is available on Android 11.0+ and iOS 14.0+.

The app was initially released as Marked Price, but was renamed to Price After thanks to Weston Rivell.

The app was designed by Oscar de la Hera Gomez who was also solely responsible for the development of all the releases with the exception of the Calculator, which was developed by Gonzalo Cachón under Oscar's direction.

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A QR code that allows you to download the Price After app clip.



  • A visual showing three examples of how Price After works. The three examples show how it works with a menu, a clothing price tag and an e-commerce website. All three examples show how a marked price visual appears next to the prices with added tip and sales tax.
  • A graphic showing a menu with the Price After prices, next to it sits the following text "See what things cost  in the US and Canada after tax and tip."
  • A picture of a price tag in a square. Over the price tag appears a price after tag that indicates the price after tip and tax. Next to the imagery appears the text "Use your camera to make live calculations."
  • A picture of a website with price after tags showing the prices of the website after tip and tax. Next to the imagery appears the text "Or upload a photo to analyze prices."
  • An image of a calculator with a price after tag above it showing the price after tip and tax of the price that was calculated. Next to the imagery sits the text "Perform calculations using our calculator."
  • A graphic showing the Price After state selection screen, next to it sits the following text “Applies State specific sales tax across all 50  States in the US.”
  • A graphic showing the Price After state selection screen, next to it sits the following text “Applies specific sales tax across all provinces and territories<br />in Canada.”
  • A graphic showing the Price After tip selection screen, next to it sits the following text “Tip recommended amounts or apply a custom tip that fits your needs.”
  • A graphic showing how Price After offers you ways to learn more about sales tax and tipping in America, next to it sits the following text “Learn more about sales tax or tipping in North America using our resources.”
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