Hū: The Spectrum of Being

A color changing long exposure photography that details how an individual moves through a space.


Assisted in the partnership between renowned photographer Carlos Serrao and R/GA in the creation of a connected experience that uses a single Galaxy S7 mobile phone to capture movement in space.

Samsung 837

In 2016, R/GA recieved a request: to create an experience that would showcase the capability of the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera. To meet this request, R/GA came up with a vision that involved a connected experience that would capture human motion through time and space.

To execute this vision, they partnered with world-renown photographer Carlos Serrao in the creation of Samsung Hū: The Spectrum of Being.

We are honored to say that our Founder, Oscar de la Hera Gomez, was invited to help execute the Android camera; the floor lights that drive the experience as well as the backend system that delivers the photograph to the end user via email.

What We  

A picture of the installation, demonstrating the floor-lit environment that the user is welcomed into.


Honors, press  
& Recognition


  • The exterior Samsung 837 at the Meatpacking District in Manhattan, New York.
  • The exterior of the Samsung Hu experience within Samsung 837.
  • The floorplan for the Samsung Hu experience.
  • A human walking through the Samsung Hu experience.
  • A closeup of the Samsung Hu, Samsung Galaxy S7
  • A picture produced by Samsung Hu demonstrating the motion of a woman.
  • A picture produced by Samsung Hu demonstrating the motion of a woman.
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