A magnetic 3 dimensional treble clef sculpture sitting on a metal base, with New York City in the background.


Sol is a sculpture that serves a tribute to our friends due to the positive musical vibes start with a treble clef.

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Originally concepted during the 2015 SVA x MoMA Design Store collaboration, we spent the summer creating a three dimensional treble clef that served as a tribute to our musical friends.

This process saw us prototype and visualize the clef using Solidworks and Keyshot. We then 3D printed the clef and prepared it for the mold using Bondo. We then created a 2 part mold which was used to create 10 replica's which were gifted to the friends that inspired the sculpture.

A sample of a white Sol stand on a white background

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The molds that were used to create the sol stand.


  • Samples of the Sol Stand in Yellow, Clear and White on a white background.
  • Headphones on a white Sol stand, whilst a human works in an office environment.
  • A black Sol stand on a rooftop in New York City, whilst a human reads in the background.
  • A black Sol stand on a messy desk.
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