An individual meditating over a Solace lamp which changes its brightness to match an individuals breath.
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Solace is an interactive, connected experience that uses a wearable to transform your breathe into light.

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In 2015, our Founder, Oscar de la Hera Gomez, began an introspective journey to marry the physical and the emotional to process trauma. His thesis, titled "Finding North", aimed to help individuals overcome trauma through introspection and meditation. A mission that took him to interview 30 industry SME's, ideate over 100 concepts and deliver a suite of products aimed to aid individuals as they process trauma.

Originally titled Spiro, Solace: The Light in All of Us, is the centerpiece of Finding North. An experience that answers to a unique problem shared by Spritual Leaders and recent meditators: How can I know that I am doing it correctly?

Solace achieves this by providing a wearable that gives biofeedback - defined as gaining awareness of the state of mental or bodily functions via external stimuli - to an individual by visualizing their breath in the form of light.

Anxiety and pertubations are reflected as flickering light, whilst peace and calm are represented as a steady flow of light.

The result: A Manhattan-based pop-up experience that allowed individuals to experience Solace.

Individuals were welcomed by hosts, who offered a change of clothes, to aid them shift their mentality both physically and mentally, & assisted with the placement of the wearables.

They were then welcomed into a room to experience Solace.

Before leaving, each individual received a card where they could re-live their breath via a web experience which replicated their breath from the data gathered from the experience.

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  • A picture naming all the experts that were interviewed for Oscar's thesis.
  • A quote from Enrique Simó, an expert on meditation.
  • A slide showing experts on meditation and their findings.
  • A slide showing new meditators and their experiences.
  • A picture of the lamps first prototype.
  • A picture of Oscar wearing the first wearable prototype.
  • A picture of Solace in the event room.
  • Two hands touching Solace.
  • A detail closeup of Solace's patterns.
  • A discussion during the Solace event.
  • A detail closeup of Solace's patterns and the iPhone app.
  • A picture detailing Solace's patterns.
  • A detail closeup of Solace's patterns.
  • A detail closeup of Solace's patterns.
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