An acrylic chip with a drawing of a woman oversees a board made from wood and acrylic. The board holds a series of illustrated acrylic chips whose illustrations represent important elements of an individuals life.
MFA Products of Design


Táctica is a personal planning system designed to help individuals strategize decisions via tokens placed in three sections: Aspire, Control and Protect

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MFA Products of Design

As part of Ayse Birsel's Deconstruction:Reconstruction class at the MFA Products of Design, Oscar created Táctica with the purpose of helping others design the life they love.

The set was inspired by Football (Soccer) and invites users to identify 11 fundamental pieces of their life, and place them on one of three sections on a board Aspire, Control and Protect. On the side sits a coach, which symbolized the person that aids and guides the individual in their life.

Táctica on a desk next to a computer and some magazines.

What We  

Táctica with its chips on a white background.


  • A human drawing on a Táctica chip.
  • A human placing a chip on Táctica.
  • A completed Táctica on a white background.
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