How to create, edit and delete offers in App Store Connect

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A guide on creating, editing and deleting offer codes, introductory and promotional offers for subscriptions in iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS or TVOS using Apple's App Store Connect.

Please note that Introductory Offers and Custom Offer Codes can be combined to extend a customers trial period.

Step One: Access the Subscription

A screenshot of the App Store Connect Subscription Group page for a Subscription Group that we created in a tutorial linked above. Highlighted is the Reference Name of a subscription that we created. Select the reference name of the subscription that you wish to access the details of.

Navigate to the Subscription that you wish to create, edit or delete an offer for.

Step Two: Select View all Subscription Pricing

A screenshot of an App Store Connect Subscription Detail Page with a highlight on the View all Subscription Pricing under the Subscription Prices section.

Under Subscription Prices, select View All Subscription Pricing.

Step Three: Create, edit or delete

A screenshot of the Subscription Prices page in App Store Connect, with a highlight on the Introductory Offer, Promotional Offer and Offer Codes tabs.

Follow the relevant Apple Guide below to create, edit or delete an offer.

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