What is the Apple App Store Grace Period?

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Billing Grace Period allows you to define a period of time that subscribers have access to a feature or service after a payment has failed, while Apple attempts to collect payment.

With the intention of reducing involuntary churn, a Grace Period grants customers whose subscription payment has failed, a period of time where they maintain their level of service, whilst Apple attempts to collect payment.

Involuntary churn occurs when users do not intend to leave your service but their subscription fails to renew, usually due to billing issues. Because involuntary churn is not related to customer satisfaction, consider creating a user experience that avoids subscriber loss due to a failed renewal.

Without enabling Billing Grace Period, the subscriber’s days of paid service are paused until Apple is able to collect payment. The duration of the grace period can be configured in App Store Connect, and the options are based on your subscription’s standard duration.

How do I get informed when a customer enters a grace period or a grace period expires?

In order to take action on or receive, measure and analyze events related to a grace period or engage with a customer regarding a grace period, you must create an App Store Server Notifications (ASSNs) system.

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