What are Apple App Store Non-Renewing Subscriptions?

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A subscription which customers can purchase to access a service or content for a limited duration.

Non-Renewing subscription can only be bought once and do not renew automatically, so customers need to purchase a new subscription once it concludes if they wish to retain access.

This could be seen as providing access to exclusive content, like the NBA League Pass, for a fixed period of time, at a fixed price.

How do I create Non-Renewing Subscriptions?

Follow our guide below to learn how to create Non-Renewing Subscriptions.

In order to receive, measure and analyze or take action on events outside your app related to non-renewing subscriptions; or to engage with a customer regarding the purchase, cancellation, refund or expiration of a non-renewing subscription, you must create an App Store Server Notifications (ASSNs) system.

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