Examples of Non-Renewing Subscriptions

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A mosaic of the featured non-renewing subscriptions.

Examples of Non-Renewing Subscriptions, also known as One-Time Subscriptions, out in the market.

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass.

If you buy an NBA League Pass in the middle of the season, you will pay a one time fee and will have access till the end of the season. This subscription does not renew and will have to be bought again at the start of the next season.

Playstation Plus & Xbox Live

Playstation Plus

You can buy a subscription for Playstation Plus or Xbox Live that only lasts a period of time, after which it does not renew.

EA Play

EA Play.

You can buy access to EA Play, allowing you to access their game library. Once the period ends, it does not renew and you do not get access.

Battle Pass

A Fortnite Battle Pass Banner.

In Fortnite, Rocket League and OverWatch 2 you can buy a battle pass that enhances your gaming experience with skins (outfits) and experience. In some cases, they will also gift you in-game currency. Once the season ends, the Battle Pass expires and you have to buy a new one.

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