How to import a DB to a local Craft CMS running on DDEV

Oscar de la Hera Gomez
Two flower that represent Craft CMS and DDEV. Beneath them sits the text "Import Local DB."

Start the DDEV Instance and in Terminal run ddev import-db --file=DB_PATH.

Step One: Start DDEV

A screenshot of Terminal showing you how to start Craft CMS using DDEV.

In Terminal, set the current directory to that of your project, and run the line below to start ddev.

ddev start

Step Two: Download the Backup

A screenshot of Craft CMS showing how to backup a DB hosted on a server.

On a hosted Craft CMS, select Utilities > Database Backup > Backup.

Step Three: Gather the DB Path

A screenshot showing how if you drag a file from Finder into a terminal, the terminal will give you the files absolute path.

Drag the downloaded DB into the terminal to gather its path.

Step Four: Import the DB

A screenshot of Terminal showing you that if you run the line found below the DB will be successfully imported into the DDEV Craft CMS instance.

In Terminal, run the line below.

Make sure to replace DB_PATH with the path gathered in Step Three.

ddev import-db --file=DB_PATH

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