How to change the default entry type in a Craft CMS section

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A flower that represents Craft CMS, beneath it sits the text "Change default entry type."

A step by step guide on changing the default entry type for a section in Craft CMS.

Step One: Select Edit entry types on the Section

The Craft CMS Sections page, which can be accessed by pressing Settings on the side menu bar and then "Sections". Highlighted is "Edit Entry Types" which is where you must click to fast track to edit the default entry types for the given Craft CMS section.

In the Craft CMS, select Settings > Sections and select Edit entry types next to the section that you wish to modify.

Step Two: Move the chosen entry type to the top

A sample Entry Types page for a Craft CMS section. We have drawn an arrow next to a symbol made up of four dots; which if you press allows you to reorder the entry types. To set a new default section, use this four dot symbol to drag your chosen entry type to the top.

Click on the four circles symbol next to the entry type that you wish to set as default and drag the section to the top. The screen will show an Items Reordered notification to confirm that the changes took place.

As demonstrated below, if you navigate to the section whose types that you just reordered and you create a new entry; you will see that it now defaults to the entry type that you moved to the top.

A screenshot of a Subscriber entry, demonstrating that when you create a new entry it will default to the entry type that you moved to the top within the Settings - Sections - Section - Edit Entry Types.

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