How to add numbers to presentation slides in Figma

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Using a presentation overlay that includes a PageNumber, create a presentation and use the Paginate plugin.

The following tutorial assumes that you have created a Figma design file and a Presentation Overlay.

Step One: Create a Presentation

A screenshot of Figma showing a presentation.

Create a presentation, each slide must include the Presentation Overlay.

Step Two: Open the Plugins Window

A screenshot of Figma highlighting the plugins button on the top left.

Click the Plugins button.

Step Three: Run the Paginate Plugin

A screenshot of Figma showing how we used the Plugins window to search for the paginate plugin. If you click the plugin, a window show appear that allows you to run it.

Search for the Paginate and run it.

Step Four: Select the PageNumber component

A screenshot of Figma highlighting how we have selected a PageNumber component within our PresentationOverlay component and how it has now appeared under component in the paginate plugin window.

Using the left menu bar, find a PageNumber within the Presentation Overlay.

If you select it it should now appear as the selected component within the Paginate plugin.

Step Five: Paginate

A screenshot of Figma highlighting the Paginate button within the Paginate plugin window.

Click the Paginate button at the bottom of the Paginate plugin window.

A screenshot of Figma showing how the presentation now has page numbers.

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