How to create a presentation overlay in Figma

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A flower that represents Figma with the text "Presentation Overlay" beneath it.

A step by step guide for creating a presentation overlay that shows page numbers.

The following tutorial assumes that you have created a Figma design file and recommends you integrate a design system as an external library.

Step One: Create a Frame

A screenshot of Figma highlighting the "Presentation" presets that exist on the right hand side menu after you click the F key.

Click F and select a Presentation preset from the menu on the right side.

Step Two: Create the Overlay

A screenshot of Figma showing two components: PageNumber and Overlay.

Add the relevant elements to the presentation frame.

Once you are done, convert the presentation frame into a component (i.e. Overlay or PresentationOverlay).

Please note that will also need to create a separate frame and component for the PageNumber, which will need to sit within the Overlay.

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