How to create a project that uses sprints in JIRA

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A step by step guide on creating a project that uses Scrum project in JIRA.

The following tutorial assumes that you have a JIRA account ready to go.

Step One: Create a new project

In Jira there's a navigation bar at the top. One of the items is called Projects. If you click it it will create a pop up which will allow you to create a new project through a button that's called Create project.

In JIRA, select Projects and in the pop up that appears, select Create Project.

Step Two: Select the Scrum template

In the create project page, there's a left side bar that allows you to create types. If you select Software development it will allow you to create a scrum project.

On the left menu side bar, under Project templates, select Software Development.

In the page that appears select the Scrum template.

Step Three: Select Use Template

The page that appears when you click Scrum details what a scrum project is. At the bottom can be found a button that's titled "Use Template". Press it to create a Scrum template.

The page that appears will detail how a scrum project works. Click Use Template on the bottom right.

Step Four: Add project details

To complete the creation of the project you must name and add a key to your project. This is available through two inputs on the page that appears after you press Use Template.

Under Add project details, add the Project Name under Name and a key under Key.

Step Five: Create Project

Once everything looks good, press Create Project. This button can be found on the bottom right of the page.

Once you're ready, press Create project on the bottom right of the screen.

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