How to create a structured Xcode project

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A flower that represents Swift next to a flower that represents Xcode. Beneath it sits 'Swift Folder Structure'

The following step by step tutorial walks you recommended folder and file structure.

Create the folder structure

A screenshot of Xcode showing our folder structure.

Our recommended folder structure is shown in the image above. We recommend to create folders for the items below.


This is where you will have all your files such as fonts, videos or images associated with your app.


This will hold your models. As a starter, we recommend creating folders for States, Notifications, Constants.

User Interface (UI)

This is where you will place all your user interface files. We recommend you split it into Screens and Components, each of which will have a folder for each screen or component of your app.


This is where you will hold all your Coordinators that coordinate the content, language or other functionality of your app. We recommend that you make each of these a singleton with their own folders.


This holds the Viewcontroller which will house all your screens and which coordinates changing between screens.

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