How to create a singleton in Swift

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A step by step tutorial on creating a singleton in Swift (iOS). Github repository available.

The following tutorial builds on our starter project and covers the creation of a singleton through the example of a LanguageCoordinator.

If you are looking for the specific code, please jump to Step Four.

Step One: Create the folder for the singleton

A screenshot showing the folder we created for the LanguageCoordinator singleton.

We recommend that you create a folder for your singleton and all associated functionality.

Step Two: Create the file for the singleton

A screenshot showing how to create a swift file.

Select your folder and press Command + N to create a file and press next.

Please note that this assumes that a Swift file is auto selected.

Step Three: Name & create the singleton file

A screenshot showing how to name and save a Swift file.

Name your singleton and press Create.

Step Four: Code your singleton

A screenshot showing you how to create the Singleton code.

Code your class and functionality.

To make it a singleton, add the following line - which makes the singleton accessible via the .shared parameter - i.e. LanguageCoordinator.shared. You can call this whatever you like, i.e. singleton would be accessed by LanguageCoordinator.singleton.

Alternatively, copy and add to the gist below.

Step Five: Verify

A screenshot showing how we verified the singleton through the view controller, by calling the initialize function.

Call a function or variable within your singleton within a part of your app to verify that it's been setup correctly.

In our example we call the LanguageCoordinator singleton initialize function from the ViewController on ViewDidLoad.

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