How to get a StoreKit Subscription Introductory Offer period in Swift

Oscar de la Hera Gomez
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To gather an Auto-Renewable Subscription Introductory Offer period, you must combine the value and unit properties from the product period structure.

The guide was made using our Free iOS StoreKit 2 Open Source project which is recommended for developers or business folk wishing to learn about how In-App Purchases or Subscriptions work and the code behind them.

Step One: Create the cases

A screenshot of Xcode showing the cases for the code provided below.

In your project, create a file called StoreKitSubscriptionPeriod.swift and paste the code below.

We recommend placing this under Models/StoreKit.

Step Two: Implement the Utility

A screenshot of Xcode showing the get introductory offer period snippet that is available below.

In your project, create a new file and add the code below.

We recommend that you add this to the StoreKitCoordinator in an extension file called StoreKitCoordinator+IntroductoryOffer.swift.

Looking to learn more about developing apps with StoreKit 2?

Read our comprehensive development guide linked below to learn about all the secrets behind developing In-App Purchases and Subscriptions with StoreKit 2.

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