How to create a Typescript Serverless project

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A step by step tutorial on creating a Typescript Serverless project. Github repository included.

The following step by step tutorial walks you through how to create a Typescript Serverless project and provides a Github repository incase you wish to jump start the process.

Please note that the Github repository provided is for AWS, Node.js.

Please note that this tutorial assumes that you have installed Node.js and NPM on your machine.

Step One: Install Serverless

A screenshot of Terminal showing you how to install Serverless through node package manager (npm).

Open Terminal and run the following command to globally install serverless on your machine.

npm install -g serverless

If you ever want to upgrade serverless, run the same command.

Step Two: Create the project

A screenshot of terminal showing you how to create a new Serverless project.

In Terminal, set the directory to that which you wish you create the project in and run the following command


This command will run you through a setup process that will create your project.

Please note that the repository that we offer makes use to AWS Node.js Starter.

Step Three: Add Typescript

A screenshot showing you how to add Typescript to your serverless project.

In Terminal, set the directory to the newly created project and run the following command line

yarn add --dev serverless-plugin-typescript typescript

If you wish to use npm run the following command

npm install -D serverless-plugin-typescript typescript

If you wish to learn more about this plugin, please consult the link below.

Step Four: Add the plugin to the Serverless.yml

A screenshot of Visual Studio Code showing how we added the Typescript Plugin to the serverless.yml file.

In the serverless.yml, add the typescript plugin.

Step Five: Create the Typescript configuration file

A screenshot of how we added the tsconfig.json file to our project in Visual Studio Code (VSCode).

In the root of the project, create a new file called tsconfig.json and paste in the code below.

Step Six: Rename handler

A screenshot showing you the renamed handler.

Change the name of handler.js to handler.ts.

Please note that only javascript (.js) or typescript (.ts) are supported, Typescript JSX files (.tsx) are not supported.

Step Seven: Update gitignore

A screenshot of the updated .gitignore demonstrating how to not track the build folder.

Update the .gitignore to not track the build folder (.build).

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