How to enable StoreKit testing in XCode

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Two flowers that represents StoreKit and XCode side by side. Beneath them sits the text "Enable StoreKit Testing."

A step by step guide on enabling StoreKit Testing in Xcode.

Before you start

In order to be able to test StoreKit, you must have a StoreKit Configuration File setup within your project.

To learn how to do so, follow the tutorial linked below.


Step One: Edit Scheme

A screenshot of Xcode showing you how to select the Edit Scheme for the current target. Instructions below.

At the top of XCode click your active target (i.e. Starter Project) and in the menu that appears click Edit Scheme.

Step Two: Set StoreKit Configuration File

A screenshot of the Edit Scheme Xcode modal that appears when you click edit scheme. Highlighted is the Run tab on the left and within this tab, the Options tab at the top. Finally, we have highlighted where you set the StoreKit Configuration File, which is found central to the modal.

Select Run in the left menu side bar, and under the Options tab, set the StoreKit Configuration using the dropdown.

Once you're done, click Close.

Please note that you might have to clean your project folder for the changes to take place.

A screenshot of Xcode showing you that if you press Product in the menu, you can Clean Build Folder using Command + Shift + K.

Any Questions?

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