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With the hope of partnering with the M.C. Escher Foundation to marry the Escher's Symmetry Collection to Climate Action, we produced "Symmetry" - a Climate Resilient and Reversible Capsule Collection.

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Symmetry Collection

As a young boy, our founder, Oscar de la Hera Gomez used to cycle past M.C. Escher in het Paleis in the Hague, where a wonderful canvas display's the fabulous symmetrical work of M.C. Escher.

Oscar loved M.C. Escher above all artists due to his ability to marry mathematics, science and nature to produce striking visual results that brought curiosity, peace and delight. These works were so powerful that Dutch dentists would hang them on the ceilings, to seduce their patients to focus on their delight, displacing the pain that their operations brought.

Every time Oscar passed the palace he questioned how he could use the vision of Escher, with a focus on his works of Symmetry, to produce products of his own that would marry mathematics, science and nature - questions and visions that would inspire Curvas, the Illusion Spinner and Ambi Chopsticks & Holders.

As part of the process of conceiving Clotho, Oscar wished to represent The Netherlands through the works of M.C. Escher but chose to make it a separate project for the M.C. Escher Foundation with the hope delasign could partner with them and Materra to allow Escher's works to help support sustainable manufacture towards a sustainable, climate resilient future.

The work was pitched to the M.C. Escher Foundation but was nor chosen nor produced.

MC Escher in het Paleis

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"Untitled" (Symmetry Collection) - by M.C. Escher

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