What are Apple App Store Custom Offer Codes?

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Custom offer codes are Apple's equivalent of coupons and provide free or discounted price on subscriptions for a specific duration (3 days to 1 year).

Custom offer codes only available on Auto-Renewable Subscriptions, and are available in three flavors:

  • free trial
  • pay up front
  • pay as you go
Once the offer period expires, the customer pays the full price for the next subscription period, which renews monthly or yearly, depending on the subscription that they used a custom offer code on.

You can create 10 subscription codes per subscription for a maximum of 150,000 redemptions per app, per quarter.

Their primary use is for acquiring, retaining and winning back subscribers - especially outside the app.

The customers that are eligible are new, existing and previous subscribers; can be customized for specific customer eligibility and can be paired with introductory offers.

They can be redeemed once per customer and are distributed through any digital or offline methods. Redeemed using a direct URL or within the app.

How do I create a Custom Offer Code for my App?

You can either create a custom offer code for your app using Apple's App Store platform (App Store Connect) or the App Store Connect API.

Follow our guide below to learn how to create, edit and delete Custom Offer Codes.

How to I get informed when a customer redeems a Custom Offer Code?

In order to receive, measure and analyze or take action on events outside your app related to custom offer codes; or to engage with a customer when they redeem a custom offer code, you must create an App Store Server Notifications (ASSNs) system.

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