How to set an entry title to a field value in Craft CMS

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A flower that represents Craft CMS with the text "Field Value as Entry Title" beneath it.

Uncheck the entry types show title field and enter the field handle in curly brackets. i.e. {handle}.

The following tutorial was demonstrated as part of our create a channel tutorial and walk you through how to change an entry title to a field value, in this case, the email of a subscriber.

Step One: Select your entry type

A screenshot of Craft CMS showing how if you press the V under entry type you can gain quick access to the entry types of a section.

Navigate to the sections screen and select the Section Entry Type through the drop down.

In the case of this tutorial we are selecting the Default Entry Type.

Step Two: Uncheck show the Title field and set title format

A screenshot of the Craft CMS Entry Type screen. It has a highlight on the unchecked "Show the title field", the "Title Format" field that has been replaced with {email}, which is the email field handle; finally the "email" field handle has also been highlighted to show the link between the {email} and email handle.

Uncheck the Show the Title field checkbox.

This will reveal a Title Format* area where you must enter the handle of the field that you wish to replace the title with in curly brackets. In the example above, we have replaced the title with the email field, through the use of {email}.

Step Three: Save

A screenshot of the Edit Entry Type Craft CMS screen with a highlight on the top right to demonstrate where the save button is.

Press Save to complete the changes.

If you navigate to the entry and create an entry or browse existing entries, you will see that the title of the entry will be equal to the field that you set in Step Two.

A screenshot of the Craft CMS entries screen demonstrating that the subscribe channel entry titles are the email field value of the entry.

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