How to create an apk in Unity & install it on a Meta Quest 2

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A step by step tutorial on creating a VR experience production .apk in Unity and installing (side loading) it on a Meta Quest 2 using SideQuest.

The following tutorial walks you through how to create a VR experience APK using Unity and subsequently, installing the production APK on a Meta Quest 2 using SideQuest. We recommend that you download our Open Source tutorial to learn how to create and install the APK using this tutorial before applying it to your own project.

Please note that the first four steps are dedicated to installing SideQuest and preparing your headset to use it.

Please note that this tutorial uses previously created settings to allow a build to run in VR on a Meta Quest 2. To setup your project to use these settings, please consult the tutorial below

Step One: Download Sidequest

A Screenshot of the SideQuest download page. Make sure you download the advanced installer.

Go to the link below and download SideQuest. Make sure you install the advanced installer.

Step Two: Install SideQuest

A screenshot of the window that appears in Mac when you open the Sidequest DMG. Drag SideQuest into the applications folder and continue to the next step.

Using the file downloaded from the link above, install SideQuest.

Step Three: Plug in the Meta Quest 2 into the computer

A Meta Quest 2

Using the USB-C provided by Meta, plug in the Meta Quest 2 into the computer that you wish to install the apk from.

Step Four: Open SideQuest

A screenshot of the window that appears on a Mac when you first try to open SideQuest.

Open the recently installed SideQuest application.

Step Five: Open the Unity project

A screenshot of Unity suggesting how to open a project.

Open Unity and select the project that you wish to create an apk for.

Step Six: Open Build Settings

A screenshot of Unity showing you how to open the build settings.

In Unity, open the Build Settings through File > Build Settings.

Step Seven: Select Android, Add Open Scenes & Switch Platform

A screenshot showing you how to select Android, add the Open Scenes to the build and where to click to switch platform to allow Unity to build for the Meta Quest 2.

In the Build Settings window that appears, select Android, Add Open Scenes and then Switch Platform.

Please note that the settings shown were created as part of our How to setup & run a Unity VR development project on a Meta Quest 2 tutorial that is available below.

Step Eight: Build

A screenshot of Unity showing you where to press build to build the apk for the Meta Quest 2.

Select Build.

Step Nine: Name & Save

A screenshot of Unity showing you how to name your project and where to press save to save your apk.

Name the build & press Save. In our case we called it Test.

Step Ten: Install apk using SideQuest

A screenshot of SideQuest showing you what button to press to install an APK.

Go back to SideQuest and press the install apk button on the navigation bar. In the window that pops up, select the apk that you created.

Please note that the Meta Quest 2 must be connected and in developer mode for this to work. To learn how to setup developer mode please consult the tutorial below.

How do I open the APK ?

Consult our step by step tutorial to learn how to open an APK installed using SideQuest.

Any Questions ?

We are actively looking for feedback on how to improve this resource. Please send us a note to with any thoughts or feedback you may have.

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