How to create and maintain a Product Roadmap

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A four step process to creating and maintaining a Product Roadmap.

A product roadmap, roadmap or agile product roadmap is a plan of action and single point of truth for how a feature, campaign, product, service or experience (i.e. initiative) will be executive and evolve over time.

When used as part of Scrum or Agile Methodologies, the roadmap provides crucial context as to what's being done right now and what is coming up.

Step One: Create the Backlog

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to create a backlog for the initiative.

Step Two: Perform the Work

We recommend that you perform the work in Sprints.

Step Three: Groom the Backlog

As the initiative evolves, update the backlog to reflect the new reality.

This may include adding, removing or reprioritzing epics, user stories (tasks) or agile user stories (subtasks).

Step Four: Iterate

Perform Steps Two and Three iteratively until the work is done.

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