How to perform a Sprint

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A five step process to conducting sprints.

Sprints are one of the key ceremonies of Scrum and are intended to deliver a specific portion of a body of work during a time-boxed period.

Step One: Create or groom the Backlog

In order to execute a Sprint, you must have a backlog of user stories (tasks) or agile user stories (subtasks) to select from. This backlog must be constantly updated, or groomed, to make sure it reflects the reality of the project.

Step Two: Plan the Sprint

Define the Sprint goal and hold a meeting with the team to decide who will be doing what and why, and how they will efficiently collaborate to reach the objective.

Step Three: Perform

Setup a daily stand-up for your meeting to align on how the work is doing and what will be done.

These meetings are essential for the success of a Sprint.

Step Four: Review

At the end of a meeting, create a meeting and present the work that has been done to stakeholders and/or leadership.

Step Five: Reflect

Setup a meeting with the team to have a Sprint Retrospective on the work that was done.

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