How to make an API call in Postman

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A step by step tutorial on making an API call in Postman.

The following tutorial makes use of the Nasdaq Data Link, which is a premier source of financial, economic and alternative datasets that uses RESTFUL API's to process requests. We use the documentation provided at this link to construct a tutorial for you to learn how to make a GET API call using Postman.

Step One: Determine the API Call

A screenshot of the Nasdaq Data Link documentation detailing how to make a Time Series API call.

We made use of the Nasdaq Data Link Time Series documentation to formulate the call that we will create in this tutorial.

Step Two: Navigate to Postman

A screenshot showing you and informing you how to create a new API call.

Go to Postman, sign in and select Create New under Start with something new.

Step Three: Select HTTP Request Building Block

A screenshot showing you the modal that appears with the building block options for Postman as well as where to select HTTP Request.

In the modal that appears, select HTTP Request.

Step Four: Setup the API Call & Parameters

A screenshot showing how we setup the API call and the parameters that we set.

In the page that appears:

  • Select GET as the HTTP request type
  • Enter the API call
  • Select Params from under GET and set the API Key

If you wish to make a different type of call, select the dropdown next to GET.

If you need to add a body, select Body from the bar under GET and paste your JSON there, along with its time (i.e. none, form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, raw, binary or GraphQL).

For more information about how to setup a body or HTTP request headers, please consult our GraphQL tutorial.

Step Five: Send

A screenshot showing your where Send is found and the results that appear in the page after the call succeeds.

Click Send and see the results at the bottom of the screen.

Any Questions

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