What is a Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy?

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A methodological approach for introducing a new product, service or experience to consumers or penetrating an untapped market.

As part of launching a product, service or experience (i.e. an initiative) to the world, you need to define a strategic plan of how you are going to reach the target audience, grow the customer base and generate a return on investment.

This plan is known as a Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy and should only be considered once you have an initiative that has been validated (i.e. has a product-market fit (PMF)) and has paying members of a target audience (i.e. you have successfully applied the concierge treatment.)

If you are curious to learn our process for finding a PMF, consult the link below.

A GTM Strategy often includes:

  • A clear definition of the target audience and should include personas.
  • A clear definition of the target audience's jobs, pain points and needs (i.e. a value proposition canvas).
  • A SWOT and/or competitor analysis that demonstrates the value that the initiative brings and why it's the best solution.
  • The market size and market value of the initiative.
  • A clear definition of how your organization will reach these people (i.e. Social Media, Out of Home (OOH) advertising (i.e. the Subway or a bus stop) or LinkedIn).
  • When these people are best reached (i.e. what time of the year or what time of the day).

To learn more about our in-depth approach to creating a GTM strategy, consult the link below

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