How to create local offer codes for subscriptions in Store Kit

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A step by step guide on creating offer codes for for an auto-renewable subscription in a local StoreKit configuration file in XCode.

Step One: Select the StoreKit Configuration File

A screenshot of Xcode showing a newly created local Storekit file.

Select the local StoreKit configuration file.

If you have yet to create one, follow the tutorial below.

Step Two: Select or Create the Auto-Renewable Subscription

A screenshot of Xcode of an Auto Renewable Subscription in a Store Kit Configuration File with the details discussed in this tutorial filled in.

Select the Auto-Renewable Subscription in the StoreKit Configuration File.

If you have not created on yet, follow the tutorial below.

Step Three: Click +

A screenshot of Xcode showing a local StoreKit Configuration File with an Auto Renewable subscription selected. Highlighted is a + icon, which acts as a button, under the "Offer Codes" section.

Under Offer Codes, click +.

Step Four: Complete Details

A screenshot of the create Offer Code modal that appears in XCode, highlighting the details that are described below.

In the Configure Offer for Codes modal:

  • Give the offer code a reference name
  • Set the offer type (Free, Pay as you go, Pay upfront)
  • Set the duration (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
  • Set the price (Only on Pay as you go or Pay upfront)
  • Set the eligibility (i.e. who can have access to this offer code)

Finally, set the Introductory Offers option to either Redeem Introductory Offer and Offer Code or Only Redeem Offer Code. Apple Describes these functionality as:

Once everything looks good, click Done.

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