How to create local promotional offers for subscriptions in Store Kit

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A flower that represents StoreKit next to one that represents Xcode. Beneath it sits the text "Local Promotional Offer."

A step by step guide on creating promotional offers for for an auto-renewable subscription in a local StoreKit configuration file in XCode.

Step One: Select the StoreKit Configuration File

A screenshot of Xcode showing a newly created local Storekit file.

Select the local StoreKit configuration file.

If you have yet to create one, follow the tutorial below.

Step Two: Select or Create the Auto-Renewable Subscription

A screenshot of Xcode of an Auto Renewable Subscription in a Store Kit Configuration File with the details discussed in this tutorial filled in.

Select the Auto-Renewable Subscription in the StoreKit Configuration File.

If you have not created on yet, follow the tutorial below.

Step Three: Click +

A screenshot of Xcode showing an Auto Renewable Subscription in a local StoreKit Configuration File. Highlighted is the +, which acts as a button, under Promotional offers.

Under Promotional Offers, click +.

Step Four: Complete Details

A screenshot of the Configure Promotional Offer modal that appears in Xcode, with a highlight on the details that you must complete, which are described below.

In the Configure Promotional Offer modal,

  • Set the reference name (must be unique)
  • Set the product code (must be unique)
  • Set the offer type (Free, Pay as you go, Pay upfront)
  • Set the duration (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months 1 year)
  • If it is not free, set the price

Once everything looks good, click Done.

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