How to complete a sprint in JIRA

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A step by step guide on ending a sprint in JIRA.

The following tutorial assumes that you have a JIRA project up and running that uses sprints. This project should have an active sprint that you wish to end. If you need to create or upgrade a JIRA project to use sprints, or to create a sprint please consult the links below.

Step One: Press Complete Sprint

On the "Active Sprints" page of the JIRA project, there is a "Complete sprint" button on the top right. Press it and move to the next step.

On the Active sprints screen of the JIRA project, press the Complete sprint button on the top right.

Step Two: Move Tickets

If there are any remaining tickets, you must decide what to do with them on a modal that appears. Choose whether to move them to a new sprint, that you can name, or to move them to the back log through a dropdown under a "Move to" label within the modal.

If there are still tickets (issues) in your sprint, you have to decide what to do with them. You can either:

  • Move them to a new sprint, and give that sprint a new name
  • Move them to the backlog

Step Three: Press Complete

There is a button called "Complete" on the bottom right of the modal. Press it to complete the sprint.

Once you have chosen what to do with the tickets, press the Complete button on the bottom left of the screen to end the sprint.

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